What Is Robotics? And The Types of Robots

Robotics is the 21st Century’s new reinvention. It is a multidisciplinary field of research with an amalgamation of computer science and engineering. But what is robotics? What are robots and what are the types of robots made by humans? The term ‘Robotics’ as a whole represents the branch of technology concerning total usage and application of robots, from its designing and construction to its operation and development. Many fields of knowledge can be put to use in Robotics. These include, but are not limited to mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, information engineering, etc. ‘Robots’ are computer programmed machines that can be autonomous or semi-autonomous, carries out a set of signals generated by its algorithm. Carrying a peculiar history, modern-day robotics stands to create wonder and awe amongst the inhabitants of the world with its greatest and unbelievable inventions.


The idea of robots generated from an ‘automata’ mentioned in various mythologies throughout the world was then acted upon by inventors and engineers of ancient China, Greece, and Ptolemaic Egypt. It started with an automaton. What we know today, ‘Robot’ found its name from the Czech writer Karel Čapek. In 1920, he used the term for his automata, the very first one to act for the writer’s play called ‘R.U.R “, a science fiction. The first humanoid robot (which was British by the way) was presented in the annual exhibition of the Model Engineers Society in London, back in 1928. The robot was called Eric. An American mathematician and philosopher Norbert Wiener laid out the basis of robotics in practice back in 1948. This approach was called cybernetics. Since then, towards the second half of the 20th century only we got to see fully automated robots. After that robotics has only progressed in the past years. Now we dream of full humanoid robots and with inventions like Sophia, Nadine, Junko Chihira, etc. those dreams are about to come true. Modern AI has taken robotics to a whole new level which is almost dream-like. It is unbelievable how these machines work and sometimes engineers themselves cannot calculate the output of their invention.

Present Day Robotics

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What is robotics like after more than 100 years of evolution? Present-day robotics is not just obsessed with humanoid robots only, but Artificial Intelligence in general. The reason for that is, AI has proved to be the future of robotics as it enables robots to mimic intelligence. Robots in healthcare, robots that operate spaceships, robots that conduct powerhouses, all of these robots use artificial intelligence. These can be humanoid and non-humanoid; autonomous or semi-autonomous.

Future of Robotics

We’re probably not looking at a complete dominance of Robots over humankind. But what we can expect from robotics is to figure out a way that enables machines to finally develop human reasoning. Moreover, the idea of robotics will supposedly prevail prominently throughout healthcare, industry, and transportation.

Types of Robots

Types of robots can be divided based on their abilities, structure, software, hardware, algorithm, and many such criteria. There’s no limit to types of robots since robotics has become a more interdisciplinary subject. However, some prime types of robots are discussed below:

1. Medical Robots: Surgeon robots (autonomic arms), nurses, transportation robots that carry medicines and supplies, robotic exoskeletons, etc. are examples of medical robots.

2. Aerospace Robots: Robots that can fly aircraft and can be autonomous or semi-autonomous. The most important robots are used in space crafts. Some are used by the military in various countries as well.

3. Articulated Robots: As the name suggests, these robots have joints and armatures that are flexible around the joints. They move around, pick up stuff, organize, inspect, etc. These may be used as industrial robots.

4. Consumer Robots: They live among us and you call them by Alexa or Google. They are AI robots that can converse and help you around the home.

To Summarize

The knowledge of what is robotics can generate more types of robots to shape our future for the better. The robots will eliminate human error in healthcare, the judiciary system, space exploration, and many more highly important areas where mistakes should be off-limits.