Top 10 Robotics Company in 2021

The 21st century is the golden period of innovation. Robotics is the most common and popular technology of this era. The inventors are emerged to improve this robotic technology. In this article, we will discuss the top 10 robotics company in 2021 which are taking robotics to the upper level.

1. Diligent Robotics: This is a robotic company that is creating robot assistants to assist healthcare staff. Their robot can work with a team of humans.

The interesting thing is their robot has mobile manipulation technology. Which can help human staffers to spend less time running around. They have produced a robot named MOXI. MOXI is with human-like features that can deliver lab samples, distribute PPEs, deliver medication to the patient and so many tasks.

2. Boston Dynamics:Boston Dynamic is a robotics design company founded in 1992. It is famous for its agile robots. Robots they have produced can work in unreachable circumstances.

Recently it is sold to Hyundai. Now it is available with Hyundai resources. Boston Dynamic is also famous for its dog and legged robots that can perform many elegant tasks.

3. Exyn Technologies: Exyn has developed many autonomous robots which can enter places that human can’t go. They have designed many autonomous drones that can acquisition data from remote areas without GPS.

Exyn’s drones include a modular and flexible system to enable fully pilot-less flights for flying robots. Which can operate tasks in a complex technical sphere like inspect projects, manage inventory, etc.

4. Canvas Technology Canvas technology is a robotics company with a goal to built autonomous robots. They are creating powerful and safe autonomous technology that can operate both outdoor and indoor driving.

Canvas technology was acquired by amazon robotics in 2019.

5. AMP Robotics:AMP Robotics was founded in 2014. This company designs robotics for waste segregation. The company’s trademark platform “Neuron” applies deep learning to enrich its classification and identification.

Then neuron is used by a robot cortex to separate millions of images to classify material like plastic, paper, and metals using size, color, shape, and other factors.

6. Agile Robotics:Agile robotics are known for their intelligent humanoid robots. They are developing robotic systems that can offer advanced force sensitivity and top vision intelligence.

They have a platform which can provide affordable and convenient robotic solutions with safe interaction between robots and human.

7. Simbe Robotics:Simbe Robotics was founded in 2014. They are aiming to develop low-cost robotics.

Their first product tally used for grocery super shops. It can perform a repetitive task of auditing shelves for low stock items, out-of-stock items, misplaced items, and pricing errors.

8. UBTECH Robotics:UBTECH Robotics was founded in 2012. It is a Chinese manufacturer of robots. They have gained the marketing capability to launch many world-class robots.

Their humanoid robots have many human-like features. They can interact with people, recognize facial expressions, entertain people, and accelerate STEM education for children.

9. ROAM Robotics:ROAM robotics taking a big part in preventing human obstacles. They are building the first commercial wearable robotic devices that are called exoskeletons.

Their first exoskeleton was build to boost the skiing experience. This is a great robotic device for those who have muscle fatigue or knee pain but love skiing.

10. Universal Robots: Universal Robots was founded in 2005. It has emerged in 2020 as a top Human-Robot Collaboration (HRC) company. This is one of the main reasons for its position in the top 10 Robotics companies in 2021./p>

They are building collaborative robots also known as cobot. They have produced many industrial robots to work with humans. Now, they have started to sell their cobots in huge quantities as they have become popular and affordable too.

Bottom Line

In this era of technological evolution, Robotics has matured enough. It was really difficult to categorize the top 10 robotics company in 2021. Many robotic companies are developing useful autonomous robots out there and making life easier.