Top 10 Movies Based On Robots

Hollywood never had any shortage of movies about robots. They are fascinating characters that add a new dimension to look at things. Sometimes they are evil, sometimes a force for good, but most importantly, they make movies a lot more interesting.

Robots mostly appear in films of the sci-fi genre. If you are a sci-fi fan, then you should check this list of top 10 movies based on robots.

Robot In Movies

You might find it fascinating that the first robot appeared in a Hollywood movie in 1918, which starred the great escape artist Harry Houdini; ever since numerous films had been made featuring different types of robots. Directors used robots in movies in many ways. Sometimes they are a force for good or evil; sometimes, they remind us what humanity should be like. Some movies even use them to show us a glimpse of what the future might look like. Robots in film nowadays represent whatever the director wishes to express with it.

Top 10 Movies Based On Robots List

The Terminator: Let's start with an absolute fan favorite movie about a robot uprising. Directed by James Cameron, it was released in 1984. It features both robots and time-travel. This movie is about a time-traveling cyborg assassin to comes from the future to the past. His mission is to change the future by killing the mother of the protagonist.

Blade Runner: In a near-apocalyptic Detroit, when the police force is privatized, the company intended to test police cyborgs. When Alex murphy is heavily injured in an armed confrontation, the company used its untested prototype on him. This is how the story unfolds in Paul Verhoeven's Robocop in 1987.

RoboCop: There robots that can work without human supervision, such as Roomba. They use different sensors and mechanisms to do their work.

WALL-E:Meet the robot WALL-E, who's job is to manage the wastes as humans have made the earth inhabitable and left. His life's adventure begins when he meets EVE, another robot sent by the humans to see if the earth has become habitable again. It is one of the most well sought out robot movies for kids. It was released in 2008 and directed by Andrew Stanton.

Ex-Machina:Things go wrong when two-man try to determine Ava's capabilities and consciousness, a robot with artificial intelligence. She is much more aware and conscious than either of them imagined. The movie and released in 2015, and the director was Alex Garland.

Transformers:Directed by Michael, this explosion, explosion, and action movie was first released in 2007. This blockbuster changed how classic movies were made with robots and set a new bar for robot fighting movies. Sit tight as the story unfolds between two robots race and humankind on earth.

The Iron Giant:At the height of the cold war, an unlikely friendship takes place between a 9-year-old boy and a robot who fell from space. The director of this masterpiece was Brad Bird, and it was released in 1999.

Chappie:Neil Blomkamp directed this movie wherein near future mechanized police force is used against the lawbreakers. When on police android in stolen and uploaded a new program to it, the android acquires the ability to fee and think for himself. The movie was released in 2015.

Westworld:This one is one of the old robot movies. Enter into a futuristic theme park where you can pay to become a gunslinger in the wild west as artificial droids populate the park. As the system goes haywire, Blane dies; that's when the real story begins. This movie was directed by Michael Crichton and released in 1973.

Robot & Frank:When a former jewel thief with dementia receives a robot to take care of him, he introduces that to a life of crime. It is really interesting how they work their relationship through the ups and downs. This movie was released in 2012 and directed by Jake Schreier.


Most of the time, robots are not merely used for metaphor. They often resemble the flaw we bear with ourselves as humans. And obviously, they are more fun all the way. These are the top 10 movies based on robots I found most interesting. I'm sure you will have a great time with it too.