The Robot Revolution Has Arrived

We are in an era of artificial intelligence revolution. Technology experts say that human could lose their jobs to robots. Nowadays, robots can perform all sorts of tasks; this means the robot revolution has arrived.

There are several types of robots in the industry. They can do different tasks like business communication, cleaning floors, and especially data handling such as receptionist, cashier, etc.

Prophecy of Revolution:

There are mainly 5 types of robots with different shapes that are used for different tasks.

Humanoid Robot: Humanoid robots are looks like a human. This type of robot usually performs human-like activities like walking, running, climbing, carrying, cleaning, etc. Some best examples of humanoid robots are Sophia, Pepper, Asimo, etc. Many of them have a small decision-making technology that makes them more prominent.

Autonomous Robot:This robot does not require human supervision. These robots are usually used for carrying things in an open environment. The best example of an autonomous robot is a robot vacuum named iRobot Roomba. Which has many sensors to clean floors quietly and having a better security rating.

Pre-Programmed Robot: Pre-programmed robots can operate monotonous tasks at a time. It works in a controlled environment. These robots are a mechanical arm or a part of a machine that can work flawless, faster, prominent, and consume less time than human.

Augmenting Robots: This type of robot is an articulated robot that can lift and carry heavyweight. Augmenting robots are replacing the capabilities which may have lost of a human. This robot can perform different tasks, which might be risky for a human.

Teleoperated Robots:A smartphone or a remote can control teleoperated robots. These robots usually work in extreme weather, geographical condition, exhausting environment, etc. A perfect example of teleoperated robots is a drone for detecting landmines on the battlefield or a submarine to detect and fix leaks of the underwater pipeline.

Bottom Line

After discussing all the above, it is needless to say that the robot revolution has arrived. In this era of robotic evolution, robots have taken place in many spheres. A humanoid robot named Jia Jia is considered the most beautiful woman in China. Robot Sophia has become the first robot to receive citizenship from a country. Robot Pepper is handling business issues in Japan. And many robotic machines are mitigating human tasks to make life more comfortable and easier.