5 Best Humanoid Robots in The World

Robots are revolutionary. Some of the experts say that in the upcoming world, there will be no human workers but robots. Nowadays, robots are expected to huge migration towards the automotive sectors and others. A lot of humanitarian robots are contributing to a different sphere.

In this era of innovation and technology, many robotics companies are creating immensely human-looking robots that are working closely with an actual human. In this article, we will discuss the top 5 Best Humanoid Robots in The World.

Let’s Take Look At The 5 Best Humanoid Robots

Asimo: Asimo is one of the top 5 Best Humanoid Robots in The World. Asimo is the first-ever humanoid robot that has two active legs and who can walk and climb upstairs. For a robot, two-legged walking efficiency is more complex.
The machine must have artificial intelligence to learn some tactics. It is the most advanced robot that can interact with a human, understand human emotion and behavior, and able to recognize facial expressions.

Erica:Did you ever think that a news presenter might be a robot? Well, if you are in Japan, then you might be seeing a robot anchoring daily news. That is Erica. Hiroshi Ishiguro created Erica. And Erica is one of the most developed robots in Japan with a special prominence on her speech proficiency.
She can easily conduct with humans with facial expression according to her speeches. It is possible just because of 15 inbuilt infrared sensors in her “eyes,” which can track any movement. She also has speech-generation algorithms and facial recognition technology that can track different faces in a place.

Sophia: Sophia is becoming the most popular robot in the world. She is the first robot ever who has given citizenship to any country. Officially now, she is a citizen of Saudi Arabia. She is a humanoid robot developed by Hong Kong-based company Hanson Robotics.
The creator of Sophia Mr. Hanson said that she is capable of being a companion of an old-age nursing home, a crowd manager for large events, and the others. She is embedded with expert robotic systems, neural networks, machine perception, natural language processing, motor control, etc.
Machine perception is used for recognizing a human face, understanding facial expressions and hand gestures. All of these things are stored in a cloud-based system that allows easy access via blockchain technology.

Jia Jia: Jia Jia is considered the most beautiful woman in China. It is a humanoid robot developed by a team from the University of Science and Technology of China. The eyes and lip synchronization of Jia Jia are very smooth that looks more realistic.
But the strange thing is she addresses her creator as “My Lord”. However, it might be Chinese culture. The developer has given a realistic expression in her eyes so that she can recognize human emotion, gestures, and behavior. She also has facial recognition technology and a speech generation algorithm, which made her more realistic.

THR3: This is also a humanoid robot that can walk more naturally. The remote controlling feature is a unique feature of this robot. The developer of this robot said that an updated version of this robot would be capable to do surgeries while the doctor is operating it from another corner of the world.
This robot can remission human work and company them when necessary. This robot will provide several services like construction, cleaning, caregiving, etc. However, its hybrid remote control model is gaining groundbreaking popularity.


These humanoid robots are considered the top 5 Best Humanoid Robots in The World. Humanoid robots are more popular than other robots. Because their acting and working skills are like humans. And these types of robots can be used for research purposes, space exploration, personal assistance, etc. If there is any kind of risk like handling explosive robots are comparable to none.